Comparison of programmers

  VP996 95 000 + /chips VP596 35 000 + /chips VP390 19 000 + /chips VP290 15 000+ /chips
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Type of systems: E/EPROM, PLD, FLASH, MCU
Algorithm Built-in CPU
I/O Driver 256 levels
Socket Universal 48pin ZIF 40 pin ZIF
Adapters Universal
Port USB USB 2.0
ISP Connector Yes No
Support of low voltage systems 1,5 V
Speed of programming / verification 589c58 1,9s 3/04s 6/5s
Speed of programming / verification 29f040 11,7s 12,2s 18s
OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Input test AUTO ID Yes No
Functions generator Yes No
Frequency meter Yes No
Logic Analyzer Yes No
Programming through ISP Yes No